General Terms and Conditions

Holiday Cottage ´het Pelikaantje´
Pelikaanweg 6
3985 RZ Werkhoven – NL

    a. Holiday Cottage ´het Pelikaantje´, located at 6 Pelikaanweg, 3985 RZ Werkhoven, Netherlands, further referred to as´the rented property´ will be made available by the property owner to the tenant for use during the rental period agreed upon booking.
    b. The rented property may be used by two persons* only. Tenant is not allowed to rent out or give
    in use the rented property or part of the rented property to a third party.
    *In principle there can only be two tenants. However, after consultation it is possible to have an extra travel cot for a child up to three years old.
    c. Tenant will provide the property owner with all requested contact details and dates of birth of all
    d. Pets are not allowed.
    The rental price is the total amount for use of the house, including the use of the furnishings and
    including electricity/water and WIFI. Furthermore is included, bedlinnen for two persons and final
    cleaning. Not included are kitchen and bathrooms towels, tourist tax.
    Tenant will receive an invoice, which needs to be payed in advance. The balance must be payed not
    later than 5 days before the starting date of the rental period. After prior consultation it is possible to pay the full amount in cash upon arrival.
    PLEASE NOTE: Only after receiving the booking form and full payment your booking is definite.
    Should tenant wish to abandon the reservation for whatever reason, he/she should inform the
    owner thereof directly.
    Cancellation without extra costs is possible up to 5 days prior to the commencing date of the rental
    The entire rent shall be due if the tenant cancels the rental less than 5 days prior to the commencing date of the rental, or does not use the hired accommodation for whatever reason.
    The owner shall barring force majeure place the rented property at the tenant’s disposal on the date
    agreed for that purpose.
    The tenant is obliged to keep the rented property and the private garden properly clean at all times
    and on leaving.
    The tenant shall be fully liable for any and all damage caused by tenant or other users or one of the
    members of his/her party to the rented property, the installation and all the equipment which make
    part of the rental, unless tenant can prove that the damage was not due to his/her fault, other users
    or one of the members of his/her party. Damage and/or loss of a key must be reported to the owner
    immediately. The costs for lock replacement will be at the expense of the tenant. Tenant will be
    given the possession of one front door key and one shed door key for the duration of the rental
    The costs of regular maintenance and repair of defects are at the expense of the owner. Any defects or complaints concerning the accommodation must be immediately reported to the owner. Tenant is obligated to follow the reasonable instructions provided by the owner.
    These General Terms and Conditions have been drawn up and should be interpreted according to
    Dutch law. All disputes that may arise in relation to these General Conditions fall within the exclusive
    jurisdiction of the Dutch district court. The Dutch text of these General Terms and Conditions shall
    prevail at all times.

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