The village of Werkhoven with Odijk and Bunnik belongs to the municipality of Bunnik. This municipality is also known as the so-called backyard of the historical city of Utrecht. It not only combines two mayor tourist areas (‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’ and ‘Krommerijnstreek’), but also is one of the 26 burroughs which belong to the largest archeological monuments of the Netherlands: the Roman Limes ( History and nature are abundantly present in this area.

Furthermore, there are plenty of nice restaurants in the surroundings. Try out our local restaurant ‘t Wapen van Werkhoven, open weekend days only. The nearest supermarket is in Odijk (3 km).

In Spring, you may feast your eyes on the countless numbers of blossoming fruit trees. The famous cherries from this area are available in the orchards everywhere throughout the season. Several villages in the region organize annual cherry festivals (

Through the national bikersroute (the so-called ‘fietsroutenetwerk’) Werkhoven is connected with numerous other places that are well worth visiting, such as Wijk bij Duurstede or Gorinchem. The city of Utrecht is easily reached by bike or public transport (bus). By train from railway stations Bunnik or Driebergen-Zeist, you will be in the center of Amsterdam is less than 45 minutes.